Andrea Kiel
Photo of Andrea Kiel A bit restless. A little too smart for my own good. Needing time to reflect, yet rushing headlong into the thick of my life—where angels fear to tread, most often! I studied at the Art Institute of Chicago for a bit, then got a PhD in engineering and did research for a decade or so. (Being a homeschooling mom was harder, though.) Jack of all trades, I’ve made a living as an engineer; a teacher of music and of mathematics; a therapeutic musician playing at hospital and hospice bedsides. My goal was never so much to do as to be; not merely to know, but to understand.

As I age, questions like Why? fade into deeper, more wordless ones. It is so precious, this small life. Time is short—and endless. And the veil is thinner than we usually think.

All my work stems from my search to understand—with the whole body, not just the brain—the interpenetration of the worlds I move in, the seen and unseen. Like Whitman, I contain multitudes. I combine the mental acuity of a scientist with the dreams of a mystic. A new idea has fire in it. I’m always experimenting.

A bit restless. Learning to trade smart for silence.

I am so happy to share this search with you. I hope you will find something here, some talisman of word or image to keep close on the trail.

To purchase an artwork or a reading, or to share travel notes on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, please contact me.