Andrea Kiel
I don’t look for meaning in the cards. I look for meaning in life, and in the tarot I detect messages.
Enrique Enriquez

A moth flutters its wings and half a planet away, storms erupt. Who says chance occurrence is not meaningful? A line of cards tells a story, one that mysteriously weaves and dances with the questioner’s story. Out of that chance encounter, meaning emerges.

I read the Tarot de Marseille, Lenormand cards, Italian Sibilla, and playing cards. I’m in love with the mystery of the images: a queen gazes at a giant coin; a wheel with unnamable creatures spins; a woman covers her face with her hands; a card holds a single flower, some mice, or an array of diamonds. The images are beckoning me, just waiting to bring my story into focus.

My aim is to really look at the images with a question before me, and tell a story. And just as a film you see on screen is suddenly telling your life, the story in the cards transforms to a mystery play, an allegory. Reading cards is an act of translation.

For examples of my readings and reflections, check out my blog.

I offer readings via email, in three tiers of depth:

A succinct answer to a well-defined question. I’ll use a small spread: 3 to 5 cards en ligne, 5-card French Cross, or similar. Well-suited to the straightforward (Is this opportunity as good as it looks?) or the less-so (Will he call me again?).

A more reflective look at a broader topic, e.g.: Why do I have such difficulty with my son? I’ll use a 3x3 carre or another mid-sized spread.

The broadest scale (e.g., What should I focus on in the next 6 months?) or the deepest look (e.g., What are my essential gifts?) I will throw a 36-card Grand Tableau (Lenormand) or a series of spreads in an evolving conversation with the cards.

For all readings, I will create a pdf of your reading, with photographs of the cards as they fell.

For enquiries, please contact me.